Everyone loves burgers, but when you are on vacation in San Diego where should you and your family stop by for a taste of home? These next five restaurants serve our favorite burgers in all of San Diego. Get your taste buds ready because you’ll be salivating after reading this.

5. In-N-Out


Unless you reside on the west coast, it is unlikely you have had the pleasure of tasting these “fast food” burgers. While it is a chain restaurant, they serve delicious burgers cooked to order. Opt for the double-double, which comes with two grilled patties, american cheese and special sauce. Dont forget to order them animal style!

4. Crazee Burger

crazee burger

This burger joint features all sorts of different patties. Although they have the traditional ground beef, they also have kangaroo, antelope, venison, wild boar and many other types as well. However, you can never go wrong with the Texas burger. A third or two-third-pound beef patty with crisp bacon, cheddar cheese and their secret barbecue sauce.

3. Slaters 50/50

Slaters Buffalo Burger

Do you love ground beef? Do you love bacon? Have you ever had a burger that is half beef and half bacon? You will when you come here. Order the 50/50 burger and enjoy it with pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, avocado and a sunny-side-up egg on a brioche bun. Dont forget a bib.

2. Rocky’s Crown Pub

rockys crown pub cheeseburger

This local pub in Crown Point has been around since 1977, and for good reason. The menu is simple. Hamburgers and fries. Kick back, enjoy a beer and order a half or third-pound burger with or without cheese. The burger is juicy, well seasoned and delectable. Dont forget cash, as they do not accept cards. When you make a burger this good, you make the rules.

1. Hodad’s

Hodad's burgers

Finally, the best of the best: Hodad’s. This tiny burger joint opened in Ocean Beach back in 1969, but has since expanded and even has a restaurant inside Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. Beer, onion rings, fries and milk shakes make this oceanside restaurant irresistible. However, people line up outside all day and night for the bacon cheese burger. Nobody sears a burger quite like Hodad’s, and that is why they top our list.