Hotels are a very common and popular form of travel lodging. They provide easy access to locations such as beaches or major metropolitan areas. Because hotels are so prevalent, most people overlook researching available vacation rentals. Next time you are planning a vacation, specifically around the Fourth of July, compare the price of a hotel against that of a vacation rental. During July, rates for both begin to rise and you might find more value booking a vacation rental.

According to STR Global’s research, the average daily rate to book a hotel room in San Diego during the middle of July 2013, was around $197.46. Multiply that average rate over the course of a seven-day vacation and the room could cost as much as $1,382.22.

If you are willing to spend that much money on a hotel room, why not consider a vacation rental? After all, does anyone look forward towards staying in a constricted one, maybe two, room unit when you can enjoy a luxurious home?


While you probably will not be hanging around inside much during your summer vacation, that does not mean that you can’t take advantage of the space a vacation rental may provide. The average hotel room is only 325 square feet. Compare that versus the expansive 1,850 square feet an average vacation rental measures and the choice seems rather obvious.

Additionally, check to see how close prospective hotels are to your desired destination. Are you planning on enjoying the tranquility of a beach, the majestic sights from a mountain top or the excitement of a metropolitan city center? A vacation rental might place you closer to your preferred destination than sharing a building with hundreds of tourists.


Finally, as if you weren’t paying enough for your airfare and hotel; what about additional amenities? Will you need your clothes laundered? Don’t forget about dry cleaning. What about WiFi, cable television and movies? Also, overlooking the bill for parking and/or valet is rather common and can be expensive. Perhaps most importantly, a family’s dining options. The average price for one person to eat three meals per day on vacation is $30. All those costs can add up rather quickly, and you might not have factored them into your budget.

In contrast, most vacation homes have a washer and dryer in the property. Furthermore, a local dry cleaner is likely less expensive than a hotel’s. Most vacation rentals include WiFi, have cable television and a DVD/Blu-Ray player. Lastly, having your own kitchen, cooking utensils and refrigerator/freezer can save bundles of money you would otherwise be spending at a restaurant.

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