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Top 5 Pacific Beach Restaurants

Top 5 Pacific Beach Restaurants

Pacific Beach (PB) offers a lot to its fellow travelers. Beautiful weather, rhythmic waves, a young beach lifestyle, and a overwhelming array of restaurant options. I believe there is just under 200 restaurants to choose from in the PB area alone. As much as we would like to give you a thorough description and opinion on all of them we don’t have that much time. (and neither do you). So thanks to local advice, eating out a lot, we have narrowed down to the best of our ability our Top 5 restaurants in Pacific Beach. For additional restaurants in the area visit yelp or urbanspoon.

Konos Cafe

A breakfast hotspot this restaurant on the beach will fill that morning hunger you desire. Offering a traditional American breakfast cuisine the line grows quick so be sure to get there early! Hours are 7am – 3pm daily.
Location: 704 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109
Url: View Website
Phone: (858) 483-1669

Rockies Crown Pub

Looking for a good burger? This a must stop for lunch or dinner. Bring your appetite! Pricing is very reasonable as well with most meals at or under $10.
Location: 3786 Ingraham St San Diego,CA 92109
Url: View Website
Phone: (858) 273-9140

Sushi Ota

You may know or soon will that there is not shortage of Sushi Restaurants located in PB and San Diego in general. And honestly we have many favorites. Sushi Ota is a great starting point then you can make up your own mind.
Location: 4529 Mission Bay Dr San Diego,CA 92109
Url: View Website
Phone: (858) 270-5670

Costa Brava

Spanish style restaurant offering great authentic Spanish food. Offering delicious tapas and sangria. A great option for anyone looking to get real authentic Spanish meal.
Location: 1653 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109
Url: View Website
Phone: (858) 273-1218

Taco Surf Taco Shop

Mexican food has a huge influence here in San Diego. Like sushi you will also find many taco stand, shops, venders all over the city. This is by far one of our favorite taco stops. Also Taco Tuesday in PB is very popular with many local restaurants off Garnet St offering great taco and drink specials.
Location: 4657 Mission Blvd San Diego, CA 92109
Url: View Website
Phone: (858) 272-3877