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RADD Action Sports

RADD Action Sports

Need a way to quickly get around without resorting to a car? RADD Action Sports in Mission Beach rents and sells high quality bikes, skateboards, surf boards and paddle boards for low rates! By replacing all their rental bikes three times a year, you are guaranteed a new, safe bike when you rent. Locks, baskets, and helmets are included for free with bike rentals – RADD’s mission is to “provide you with the tools so that you get the most out of our beach and boardwalk and enjoy the lifestyle.” They have been in business for twenty years, and are “very knowledgeable in the bike, skate, and surf industry from beginner to expert.”

Check out RADD Action Sports for all your sports rental and buying needs!

radd action sports

3843 Mission Blvd.,
San Diego, CA 92109



Radd Action Sports